Consumer Optimisation | About

Consumer Optimisation was founded with one simple purpose

To help organisations make better decisions

Decisions that benefit both the organisation and the consumer. Decisions that change behaviour, through changing perceptions.

We do this by pre-empting the consequences of possible choices; letting you assess which choice best achieves your desired outcome.

In doing so, Consumer Optimisation is well suited to addressing the challenges of Customer Experience, Branding and Communications & Behaviour Change.

Right now, we're at the ambitious startup phase. We're looking to partner with likeminded organisations and individuals to bring the power of Consumer Optimisation to more clients in more sectors.

I founded Consumer Optimisation to answer a perfectly reasonable client question

What will happen if we do?

You'd think such a question would be simple. But it's not. Conventional analytics breaks down when we 'do' something to alter the status quo. I discovered this early on. It took five years of hard graft to find a workable, commercially viable solution to address this.

During this time, I've applied the concepts of Consumer Optimisation to help several dozen clients address a range of decision-making challenges. It's now time to collaborate and let more clients experience these benefits.